Manažment stresu a zdraví

Co stres doopravdy dělá našemu tělu?

Most of the time all we imagine  "stress" as being busy with work, family or our thoughts. Our understanding of stress has improved drastically. Stress in today's world is more complex and can come from different sources.  Its effects are depended on ones overall tolerance to the stressors. 


These stressors can be psychological from traumatic events or workplace and family, mechanical from trauma or poor movement strategies, nutritional from the wrong foods at any stage in our life, chemical stress from the environment and products we use. The list goes on and can be lengthy. It is our job to help you identify which of these may be contributing to your problem.


A chronic state of stress can hurt every organ of the body and has the potential to negatively affect the function of the brain, setting up a new default that exacerbates pain, poor mood and faulty function.


Addressing all the right pieces will give a better tolerance for stress and better health in general.

  • zdraví srdce a délku života

  • činnost štítné žlázy - spánek, zažívání, hormonální rovnováha...

  • metabolism a imunitsní systém

  • schopnost vypřádat se s komplexními životními situacemi

  • mentalní zdraví a náladu

  • plodnost

  • zdraví pokožky, nehtů a vlasů

  • tělesná váha a fyzická síla

  • stupeň bolesti

  • obecnou spokojenost v životě a wellbeing


This coaching includes:

  1. Assessing nutrition and eating habits

  2. Guidelines for safe toxin-free home and environment

  3. Breathing for health and stress relief

  4. Daily habits, lifestyle choices, self-care and relaxation

  5. Advice for sustainable and appropriate exercise 

6. Make suggestions to see other specialists

to address specific problems


(consultations personally or online)



This service is available after an initial

Chiropractic appointment only.


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Together with 90 -minute consultation, you receive materials and useful recommendation for further information. If needed, we can set up some additional services such as monthly support, assisted shopping, personalized nutrition plan or recipe index.


Do you want to discuss your case with us to see if the Roots approach is right for you?

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